Our vision

Sustainable Vision Oy is a Finnish company operating in a global network of technology providers, traders, investors, governments, academics and non-governmental organizations. The company operates primarily in business development, capacity building and education, identifying and implementing projects and facilitating the dialogue between stakeholders.

Our vision is improved welfare and quality of life for all, respecting the principles of sustainability. We understand sustainability as referring to long-lasting interactions between human and natural systems in ways that enhance the value of the natural resource base, and promote and distribute development more equally among the world’s population.

Our mission is to promote international business with corporate responsibility, through eco-efficient and socially responsible commercial projects, capacity building and information. Our partnerships and ventures are steps towards the Sustainable Vision.

We believe that business can be socially and environmentally responsible while also promoting economic development and bringing value to shareholders. By promoting business that is environmentally sound and grounded on ethical and social values, we contribute to a better world for us and for generations to come. Meeting this challenge contributes to a better integration between North and South through a transformation of market opportunities into responses to socio-economic demands and needs.