Our strategy

We promote Global Ventures that contribute to realize the Sustainable Vision.

Our approach is to define economically and socially sound projects based on eco-efficient solutions, around which we build long-lasting business relations.

The ultimate goal of eco-efficiency is qualitatively improvement of the economy as a whole. The move towards industrial sustainability includes lower consumption of energy and raw materials, and reduction or elimination of waste. This affects the life cycles of products and processes. It requires new design principles based on a global and holistic approach to reducing environmental impacts: global because these impacts transcend national borders; holistic because short-term, piecemeal solutions to address problems in isolation are not effective in achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability in the long run.

By applying flexible and adaptive management practices, we look for business opportunities in new frontiers and help companies define the best strategies to transfer technologies, conquer new markets or format new investments. This is accomplished in three major steps:

  1. We strive for a global understanding of technical and social problems that need to be tackled, and identify market opportunities that can be used to solve these problems.
  2. We try to understand the needs, preferences and priorities of the people living in the regions where we work so that we can translate the opportunity into the local institutional context and make the business attractive to them.
  3. We design projects that satisfy the sustainability criteria defined in Agenda 21 and look for partners that can realize them with corporate responsibility.

Sustainable Vision helps you address innovation, the restructuring of markets and changing demand. We build capacity inside your organization. We put together solution packages in partnership with our clients.