Our leaders

Victor Silveira – Executive Director of SVISION Oy

Victor Campos is a business economist with an MBA in finance and capital markets. He has a long professional experience, particularly involving partnerships in housing construction, and development of infrastructure for fuel markets, consultancy on financial planning and business administration, and capacity building to train and advice entrepreneurs in Brazil.

“Doing business in Brazil requires commitment and local presence. We can provide you with insight into your target market. Our company helps you identify the best partners for your particular business. Whether you have a technology to transfer, a market to develop or a service to provide, we will assist you in finding solid ground to expand your business in Brazil. We can help you define a strategy and we will pursue it together with you. Our network is put at your service, and we give you flexibility to move timely and faster.

E-mail: victor silveira@svision.fi 

Semida Silveira
Executive Director of Sustainable Vision – Global Ventures AB.

Semida Silveira is architect engineer with Ph D in regional planning. She has extensive experience in management, research and teaching. Has developed and managed projects in collaboration with companies, scholars, development banks, governments and non-governmental organizations in several industrialized and developing countries .

“Doing business across borders is rewarding for those who are looking for solid relations with new people and new markets. To accomplish this, you need to understand the local reality, and make your business speak its language and become part of it. We embrace your business with capacities that allow you to remain focused on your core activities, while the Sustainable Vision – Global Ventures AB assists you in defining a strategy, identifying market niches, finding the right partners, and putting your project on the ground. Together, we transform good ideas and opportunities into shareholder value.”

E-mail: semida.silveira@svision.se