Our Company

Sustainable Vision Oy is a Finnish company operating in a global network of professional partners with broad competence.

We operate in a complex business environment focused on environmentally sound solutions in production, distribution and utilization of goods and services. Our partners and clients include suppliers and users of technologies and services, investors, industrial and commercial business, governments, academics and non-governmental organizations. We are able to identify environmentally sound projects and implement them. We build the necessary capacity to mainstream new strategies and solutions. Being catalysts of information, we facilitate the dialogue between stakeholders.

We focus on North-South collaboration. Presently, we are particularly targeting projects between Europe and Brazil.

Our core business expertise is built around energy and climate-change mitigating projects, and urban-rural development. Rapid increases in energy demand, combined with the restructuring of the energy sector, and fostered by incentives designed in national programs and within the global environmental agenda create new business opportunities for energy companies throughout the world.