Consultancy & Development

Companies more than ever need to respond to sharpening environmental regulations, increasing consumer awareness, changing service demands, and new technological choices. This requires new business strategies to innovate, conquer and monitor markets, envisage demand trends, assess technology options and investment opportunities, and live up to new consumer requirements and environmental standards.

Companies that fail to address the long-term implications of their investment choices will not be able to survive in increasingly competitive markets. Corporate responsibility is therefore a must for sustainable business, as it is for social development and environmental quality.

Sustainable Vision focuses on the direct adaptation and application of environmentally-sound technologies, implementation and financing of projects, and monitoring of markets on behalf of clients. This guarantees the success of our undertakings, reduces time in project development and implementation, as well as transaction costs and risks.

Some examples of questions that may be relevant to your business strategies and where Sustainable Vision will be able to support you are:

  • Market analysis and partner identification, project evaluation, and enhancement and follow-up of elements of corporate responsibility in your plans
  • Evaluation of global and national policies applying to the market you are targeting, how they affect your plans and projects, how they support or provide incentives for your business, how to capitalize on them
  • Design your business model to capitalize on the potentialities of the new makets
  • Establish collaboration with academics to develop research around your project