Capacity building & Education

Sustainable Vision supports the improvement of institutional capacities, strengthening of human resources, and advancement of technical cooperation through the development of multi-partner capacity building, education and training packages, and public awareness campaigns.

A multi-partner approach allows for a combination of knowledge and experiences, while guaranteeing that educational and training programs are as much demand-led as they are supply driven. The result is that institutions and organizations of different types can find the best ways to develop their specific capacities and contribute to the sustainable development process.

Capacity building, education and public awareness are important for establishing sustainable development paths. We need a better understanding about the social, economic and environmental sustainability dimensions of development at all levels of society and organizations. In addition, we need broad dissemination of effective methods to apply concepts and define strategies of sustainable development, making the global environmental and social agendas operational in public institutions, private firms and citizens’ organizations.

Within governments, it is important to create institutions capable of defining action plans, policies and programs for sustainable socio-economic development and environmental protection.

Within companies, capacity building programs aim at mainstreaming values of corporate responsibility and knowledge about how to manage business, design and operate industrial processes, and develop products and services that satisfy the sustainability criteria.

Within society at large, it is necessary to encourage public awareness and motive behavioural change, joining efforts to achieve broad social participation in the implementation of the sustainable development agenda.