Our business

Energy needs will continue to require significant investments in infrastructure for secure, reliable and efficient energy generation, transmission and distribution. Also at the user end, it is increasingly important to improve efficiency in industrial plants, buildings and vehicles, for example. All this has to be accomplished with improved management practices, technologies and appliances in a context of increasing competition, stringent environmental standards and globalization.

Combined with global and national policies to foster renewable energy technologies and environmentally sound solutions to energy problems, these facts shape new market opportunities for business focused on clean technologies and non-conventional solutions. Thus the competitive advantage of a variety of environment-friendly technologies is being improved while investment risks are being reduced.

In this new business environment, here are some ways through whichSustainable Vision can help you in your undertaking:

  • bring your technology to new potential users and applications
  • introduce your products and services into new markets
  • define and implement pilot projects for demonstration of technologies and services
  • bring together providers, distributors and users of technologies and services and create partnerships to develop new products
  • establish new business sizing market opportunities under deregulated energy markets.

Our role in the process is to identify business opportunities and partners, bring them together, and define economically and socially sound projects based on eco-efficient technical solutions. We proceed implementing the project, aiming at long-lasting business relationships with our clients.