Capacity Building & Training

Sustainable Vision has strong ties with academic institutions and other organizations dealing with education and training. We can help design and implement capacity building packages that suit the particular needs of your organization. This includes top-management information packages on sustainable development and corporate responsibility; application of tools, for example, to evaluate environmental impacts or design projects under the Clean Development Mechanism; technology training and maintenance plans.

Examples of delivered packages include:

  • Strategies for sustainable rural and urban development – Covering development theories and strategies for activating and revitalizing national and regional economies, and their socio-economic and environmental impacts.
  • Land management with GIS – Utilization of GIS in planning activities.
  • Energy and environment – Covering global energy and climate issues, and programs for energy efficiency and dissemination of renewable energy technologies in industrialized and developing countries.
  • Community planning – Comprising analysis of political, social, economic, cultural, environmental and institutional development of municipalities.
  • Housing policies – Covering the development of housing policies with focus on socio-economic and institutional issues.

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