Our mission is to create a bridge for businesses between the Nordic countries and Brazil. With vast experience in both markets, we facilitate your transition and assist in adjusting your brand to better suit the new country.



Brazil is a developing country with many opportunities in a variety of markets. Our focus in Brazil is on real estate, retail, education and technology companies.


Finland is the happiest countriy on Earth.  With a great environment for startups, if you're a small business, this may be the place for you.


Sweden has excelled in development and has a thriving community of entrepreneurs. The country welcomes diversity, and all types of companies have a chance there.


Making use of our experience in the markets of the countries above, we will look at your business and evaluate its suitability for taking the next step abroad. Once we have together decided to make the jump, we will help you in modelling your business plan according to the country, and make sure you have the support needed to thrive in the market. We make use of our own network to help with your marketing, and will offer advice and consultancy regarding management, proper approach, cultural barriers and legal aspects. We bring companies from the Nordics to Brazil and vice-versa.


BlockchainBH is a project aimed at bringing high quality content about blockchain technology in Portuguese. They hope to strengthen the ecosystem around blockchain in Brazil to pave the way for future projects and ventures. Initially operating in Belo Horizonte, they are providing consultancy, online material, hosting lectures and organizing events on the basics of the technology and its real-world applications. The goal to expand the reach of and knowledge about blockchain in Brazil.

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